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." still to come -- backstage drama at russia's famous bolshoi ballet after an attack on its artistic director. now one of its biggest stars claims there is a conspiracy against him. we may finally have an answer to one of the most hotly contested questions in science -- where did we all evolves from -- evolve from? an international effort has been mapping out thousands of trades to tradestrait -- traits to unlock the clues. >> it is interesting to see that this hypothetical central ancestors had a number of features very different from ours. very -- for example, for all over its body. a white, for a belly, long, furry tail -- white, furry belly and long, furry tail. fleshy nose not unlike ours. it had year bonds to help it here and translate sounds from noise into neurological impulses -- it had ear bones. it had some features that were like us and some that were different. we might be able to pick this up in both of our hands, but it is different in that it is much less specialized. >> how did humans evolve from that creature? >> this is an interesting question. one thing our study
out of russia. tonight that little girl is here in northern virginia and her parents are talking about the mountain of red tape they had to climb to get her. darcy spencer is in vienna with the story. >> lilly is the late addition to th family. this -- to this family. this is possibly the last russian orphan to be adopted by an american family. >> she deserves mom and i daddy and a sister. so it was a great feeling to take her out of there. >> her journey from a russian orphanage, where lived on tea and crushed biscuits are over. >> it was out of my control and out of my hands, and just sit and wait. the unknown. >> the uncertainty was tough. >> it was painful. >> when she went to russia to get lilly, there were legal problems and holdups and other challenges. but working with the state department, u.s. embassy and russian courts she got the final go ahead so take lilly to america. >> just drive out of there as fast as we could. literally. just run. take her and run. >> for many months, lilly's room sat empty, but now she is here, her room and this home are now complete. >> the family
a leading member of russia's opposition has been placed under house arrest -- hours. a leading member of russia's opposition has been placed under house arrest. police in the philippines say they have shot and killed a man suspected of involvement in the countries political massacre. police say the suspect fired a pistol and threw a grenade at officers who were trying to arrest him. he has been linked to the deaths of more than 50 political rivals in the 2009 massacre. the killings were believed to be an intent to stop rivals from running against a candidate in the 2010 elections. a deal was made on saturday during talks between the leaders of both countries. the country except 750 asylum- seekers per year. thousands of people travel to australia by boat to seek asylum every year, often in dangerous conditions. health officials in the usa obesity obesity levels are at epidemic proportions. it is putting a strain on the health care system. the growing number of overweight americans battle high blood pressure and heart disease. rob reynolds reports from the town known as the fattest in
the financial crisis . even if sequestration doesn't take off. russia's defense tend spending will be bigger and china is set to pass us by that stame measure and worth pointing out the u.s. gdp is larger than any of thoyce two countries. >> and why it is it so important when you look at sequestration. thank you for that report. >> there is new numbers that show americans are once again starting to borrow mon i against their homes at a record pace. what up need to know to keep from getting in trouble with home equitty loanings. stay with us. . . like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medi
russia will surpass u-s defense spendiig in erms of overall perrent of gdp in just pwo years. china is slated to overtake the u-- in 2035.sot jim thomas says: ".. you've seen ouble digit increasss in chinese defense spending for more than 15 should not only give pause to the united states, but it really should be a source of the region as well." two 3 yyerr ago, then defense secretary robert gates rowbeat nato allies to spend defense... but when fraace wantee to send forces into mali to ounter al qaeda in recent weeks, thh u.s..hhd to proviie the airlift and refuuling, because france needed u-s help. innthe middle east theegull states are increasing their defenne guys have been going gangbusters rolllng out prototypes of advanced weapons syssems whhther it is new drone airccaft." others argue that even with the sequester the us defenne spending accounts for 40 ilitar percent of all defense spendinggworldwide.sot peter singer says: "... if sequestration happens, we go out of every ddllar to about - 38 cents out f very dollar. so you decli
on a trip to russia, passenger andres pinot couldn't get the images of the gruesome tv coverage out of his mind. >> you were thinking about that tragedy even as your preparing for your emergency? >> oh, yes. that had a big influence on my imagination. i did put my passport behind my shirt on my chest. >> to identify your body. >> yeah. yeah. >> if this ended badly. >> yeah. yeah. i was ready for the worst, hoping for the best. >> and the flight attendants knew that the fuel and time were running out. >> we do it or not? we have to do it. it was the longer five minutes of my life, actually. >> during those last five minutes, captain wrona gave up hope of somehow lowering the gear. he made a final calculation. they would have just one chance to touch the runway. captain wrona would have to somehow land the plane with the engines acting like the runners of a sled on a foamed down runway. if something went wrong, he couldn't attempt to go around again. the engines would be too damaged and he knew all too well of another danger. there was a highway just at the end of the runway. >> it was a ver
now live in. evraz of russia owns the steel plant in claymont. german-based fraunhofer plans to expand its research and development in newark. companies from many other countries are important employers throughout our state. this is the world we now live in. around the country, companies are producing more than ever, but as a result of productivity gains, they sometimes do so with fewer people. this is the world we now live in. there are 3 billion people in the world today looking for jobs, but only 1.2 billion jobs available. this too is the world we now live in. more global. more productive. more competitive. it is a new world of unprecedented opportunities - to create new partnerships, to sell to new customers, to innovate and collaborate in ways previously unimaginable. but it is also a world with new and formidable challenges to attract and retain employers that have more options than ever, to educate our children to higher standards of job readiness, to invest in the future as we care for an aging population. these challenges demand an understanding of the world as it is and a vi
made a speech from a tank during an august 1991 coup attempt. who was this first president of russia? hidehiro? boris yeltsin host>> right! it averages a height of 25 feet. the town of badaling is the most popular place to visit what 1500-mile-long wonder? (buzz!) that's the end of the game! with 820 menlo wins the game! >> here's what's coming up on this edition of "teen kids news." >> raising money for a good cause? you don't even have to leave your room, but you do have to do your homework. i'll explain. >> when parents get divorced, what rights do their kids have? we'll talk to an expert. >> i'll tell you about a state that's truly a diamond in the rough. >> if you were being bullied, could you count on your friends? that's our question of the week. >> what you eat can affect how you compete. we'll get advice from an expert. >> the marines call it the evening parade, but you can call it "awesome." >> all that and more -- next on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's this week's top story. >> here's yet another way the web is chang
because there is not a lot of inventory. but a lot of inventory. coming from china, russia overlooking the pacific ocean, not too far from here, just weeks ago. still grabbing headlines. a record sales for the area and in international buyer who did not wish to be identified. folks coming in from france. we know what is going on there with sarkozy fleeing the country because of the gher tax rates. this sum will set you back 7500 square feet. it's going to go for about 13 million as the listing price. of course five bedrooms and saw the screening room. the pool, hot tub, views of downtown, but if you come over here we can take a look and you can see the glasses encased masters week and, of course, you wake up every morning with a view of santa monica and the pacific ocean. gerri: that is gorgeous. have you put a bit in? >> i guess it is worth every penny if you have them. i don't know. gerri: it is pretty. amazing property. thank you for bringing it to us and we appreciate it. >> you're welcome gerri: special coverage of the real-estate story continues throughout the show. and 20 minute
who fled the czarrist russia come here and that grandson became the majority leader of our house of representatives. that's what this country is about. [applause] you know, in kitty hawk, north carolina, who bicycle job me-- two bicycle shop mechanics gave mankind the gift of flight. the wright brothers flew only 22 feet at that time, 18 feet in the air, but they performed a a result, 66 years later, this country put a man on the moon and brought him back. that is who we are. we can do an enormous amount. the wright brothers' father gave them a toy helicopter and never wanted his two sons to fly together for fear that he'd lose them. and seven years after the original 1910, milton gave them the permission to fly together. it only lasted six minutes. later that day, orville took his 82-year-old father up into the air. it lasted seven minutes. rising 350 feet at that time. well milton shouted, higher, orville, higher. it is a great testament to what our country is about. in america, we have higher expectations. since our founding, we believe that we could be th
. >> the real problem is as the u.s. and allies. adversaries are doing opposite. russia will surpass defense spending in just two years. china is slated to overtake the u.s. in 2035, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, analysts are saying that the u.s. defense budget is still larger than the next 13 countries combined. how in the world could this make us a second rate power? if is six times larger than china's official defense spending. >> you have seen double digit a increases in chinese defense spending for more years now. that should not only give pause to the united states but it really should be a source of concern for the countries in the region as well others argue is he success strays is bad not the end of the world. >> spending 40 cents out of every dollar to 38 cents out of every dollar. you decline but not by this massive amount. >> congress has as you mentioned until march 1st to decide what to do, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. as a powerful winter storm closes in on the northeast. some are stepping out to brave the cold and snowy conditions including
's point, i don't think we're doing much. i think on the diplomatic front we have hid behind russia and on the military front we have been fairly relevant to the flow of this conflict on the ground. and we sort of have had this idea of a splendid distance from syria but are not able to maintain that indefinitely. >> suarez: but does that narrow your choices when you decide what you is to do, andrew, to fight that irrelevance as vali called it. >> the problem is when you get involved in a game late, you're cornered. and you also have to intervene in ways you might not have wanted to do from the beginning. so in the case of ot bama administration very reticent to get involved with armed groups, but now we are looking at something very real. real threat of the use of chemical weapons. the possibility of a failed state in a divided state in syria. and also a haven for terrorists and the propensity for all of that to spill over its borders into the vital allies like israel, like turkey, iraq, jordan and so on and also into lebanon grows every day with no end in sight. >> suarez: but you
military spending comes at foreign super powers russia and china continue to spend more on their systems. >>> students in california won't have to worry about passing algebra. the state has done away with the requirement for 8th graders. falling in in line with the comn core standards rolled out across the nation. students can take alternative math courses. critics say it will leave students unprepared for college. >>> another barnyard animal on the loose in new york. alert the authorities. a goat is racing around a brooklyn parking lot. a lot attendant jumped in to catch him. >> is he still on the lam? >> if the wild scene looks familiar, three months ago this pony and zebra made headlines for running down a street in staten island. there musting a meeting of farm animals. >> revert to go nature. >> really is. >> a look at the snow. what do you say in? massachusetts, man, did they get hit. the blizzard slammed the northeast and new england. it's piling up in wooster where there's said to be two feet. some parts of connecticut have 33 inches. it's supposed to snow another eight hours or
a discount and russia. at the end of the meal they got a tab that gave a $4 discount for well-behaved children. the kids aged 23 and they were acting the way they usually do the family also receive a free bowl of ice cream. it's 841 let's check in with jan. we have a heartfelt story over here. it's the heart of the giants. we're going to tell you about the woman who put that together and so much more so come on back. it's called heart of the giant and it is by an artist that wants to get this out and about to be seen. it is signed by a lot of the giants, we will tell you more of the back story. please welcome stephanie brave who is the part of the general hospital system. let me get it right is heroes and hearts. yes heros and heart actually started in 2004 in the hearts of san francisco project. you can remember there were lots of large parts put all over the city to benefit the san francisco general hospital foundation. the foundation reports san francisco trauma center. our only level one trauma center. is the safety net hostel for those who are uninsured or underinsured fo
rachmaninoff premiered his symphony number two in st. petersburg, russia. rachmaninoff was a technical pianist. history records he rarely missed a note despite the enormous complexity of his compositions. but you chose to use your hands to orchestrate other kinds of efforts. you worked both ends of pennsylvania avenue. you and sylvia advocated for the purity of public service. then the nation called again and you answered again. so for the past four years you have led those in the intelligence and defense communities, those trusted with protecting our nation and our families. you have led the fight for the proper amount of resources. you balanced the threat of external attack with the threat of internal insolvency. you once said diversity in america is as old as this nation itself. you did more than just speak about it. you took action. you have insured our forces will be able to draw upon the very best this nation has to offer. you have overseen the fielding of new capabilities to meet the threats of tomorrow, and you have demonstrated that steadfast commitment to families and troops wherever
by sort of laying it out in hazy terms, has left open the rights for russia or china to use a drone that will put the obama administration in a difficult position to complain, because we have not been clear about it. i have confidence that the obama administration is doing this right, and they have good people working on it. they need to be more open. they have not acknowledged in four years and 200 or more drone strikes a single person specifically who has been killed. i think both the american people and the rest of the world would have more confidence if one could come up with a list and say, here are the kinds of people who we have used lethal force against. we do not have to lay out all the intelligence and signals and intercepts, what, who is here it was. -- here is who it was. i think this person was in fact fighting against us and deserved to have a force used against them. you talk about the responsibility of the attorney general. what involvement does the legal advisor to the national security council have? guest: i had two terms. inside the white house, the legal adviser
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)